Fiona Zerbst - Tutor: Introduction to Poetry


Fiona-Zerbst Fiona Zerbst is the author of four poetry collections to date: Oleander (Modjaji Books, 2009), Time and Again (UCT Younger Poets Series No 1/Snailpress, 2002), the small zone (Snailpress, 1995) and Parting Shots (Carrefour Press, 1991). She received an MA in Creative Writing from UCT, studying under the late Stephen Watson.

Her poems have been anthologised in The Heart in Exile, eds Tromp and De Kock, Penguin, 1996, Imagination in a Troubled space, Poetry Salzburg, 2004, The Pick of Snailpress, 2000 and City in Words, David Philip, 2001. Most recently, two of her poems were selected for inclusion in the prestigious US literary magazine The Common (

In addition, one of her poems was published in an Amnesty International workbook and a few were set as a song cycle, Of Darkness and the Heart, by acclaimed composer Hendrik Hofmeyr.

Fiona works as a freelance journalist and is passionate about everything from jogging and martial arts to wildlife, travel and refugee rights. She completed a Field Guides Association of South Africa (FGASA) beginner snake course in 2011.

She also consults as an editor for Modjaji Books and has edited volumes by Ingrid Andersen and Dawn Garisch.