Noel Cisneros - Tutor: Broadcast Journalism

Noel Cisneros Broadcast Journalism Tuto jpg Noel Cisneros worked as an American Television Reporter for nearly 20 years. She worked in San Francisco radio for 10 years. As a TV reporter for ABC and NBC in San Francisco, California, her work earned her American journalism’s highest honors: four Emmy Awards and The George Foster Peabody Award. She was awarded a Fellowship by the RIAS/Berlin Commission to study modern Europe in Berlin, Prague and Brussels.

She has reported from the scenes of California’s earthquakes and riots, forest fires and financial collapses. She has interviewed Bill and Hillary Clinton, numerous United States Senators and celebrities, school children, one billionaire, thugs, ne’er-do-wells, posers, athletes and people just trying to get by. Over the course of her years in the business, she figures she’s done at least 2000 live shots and eaten more meals in a moving vehicle than not.