Paul Dunn - Tutor: Scriptwriting for Games and Online Video

Paul Dunn 

Paul Dunn is passionate about video games and the stories they tell. From those early days when he would sit watching his Commodore 64 load Elite from a cassette tape, he was hooked on the way gaming could open up entire worlds and spin fantastic stories that he could participate in. While the hardware has changed, his love of these immersive and interactive stories hasn’t waned.

Paul's writing background is diverse. He has worked in the communications industry for over a decade, creating video and digital media for not-for-profits, crafting online articles and blogs, copy-editing novels and producing marketing content for software companies. He has a deep appreciation for how our digital culture shapes and employs narratives and sees the interactive nature of games as an exciting evolution of storytelling.

Paul has a BA in Media Studies from Massey University and is a freelance narrative designer in Auckland, New Zealand.


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