Russel Brownlee - Tutor: Self-Publish Your Book

Russel Brownlee tutor for UK Writers CollegeRussel Brownlee is a writer and life coach. He started out in journalism but soon began devoting time to following his dream of writing a novel.

After years of self-study and writing he embarked on a Creative Writing Master’s degree and completed a novel that was published. This novel – “Garden of the Plagues” – went on to win South Africa’s Olive Schreiner Award for debut fiction and was shortlisted for the country’s premier writing prize, the Sunday Times Literary Awards.

Russel then began following a second great passion – personal development and self-actualization – and became a life coach and hypnotherapist. His inspirational non-fiction book, “The Discovery of Causeless Joy: How to be happy no matter what happens”, is available on Amazon. 


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