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Business Writing

How to Improve Your Lousy Writing Skills in the Workplace - by Brian Konradt Free Writing Resources UK Writers' College

Ten Tips For Better Business Writing - by Tim North

Four Strategies For Persuasive Writing - by Tim North

Business Report Writing Tips - by Tim North

Book Excerpt Schaum's quick guide to great business writing: how to write letters, papers ...‎ - by Suzanne Sparks FitzGerald

Book Excerpt The plain English approach to business writing - by Edward P. Bailey

Book Excerpt How Not to Write: An Office Primer for the Grammatically Perplexed‎ - by Terence Denman


How To Start Writing, Right Now - by Maurene Janiece

One thing that every writer wants to know, how to earn more money from writing - by Ruth Barringham

How to Earn More Money From Writing - by Angela Stringfellow

Grooming Tips for Manuscripts - by Nichola Meyer  UK Writers College Principal

The Secrets of Good Writing - by Paula LaRocque

Write Lean and Mean - by Nancy Kress

Making Time to Write - by Ginny Swart  UK Writers College Tutor

The Greatest Writing Tips the World has Ever Seen - by John Hatcher

Confident Writing - by Jenna Glatzer

Give Your Writing a Makeover - by Nichola Meyer UK Writers College Principal

How To Outgrow 'Write What You Know' - by Jenna Glatzer

Rejection. Dejection. Introspection. - by Ginny Swart  UK Writers College Tutor

To Distance Learn Or Not To Distance Learn - That Is The Question - by Lyndi Lawson

Cut Empty Calories To Keep Your Writing Fighting Fit - by Audrey Owen

Thirty Tools For Writers - by Roy Peter Clark

The Writing Tools - by Roy Peter Clark

Re-examining The Adverb - by Chip Scanlan


Book Excerpt  How to write‎ - by Gertrude Stein

Book Excerpt  Time to Write: More Than 100 Professional Writers Reveal How to Fit Writing ...‎ - by Kelly L. Stone


Tips For The Interview-Phobic - by Jenna Glatzer

Why can I not use WIKI? - by Tracey Hawthorne  UK Writers College Tutor

Researching the Historical Novel - by William Altimari

The Journalist As Eyewitness - by Roy Peter Clark


Book Excerpt Editing fact and fiction: a concise guide to book editing‎ - by Leslie T. Sharpe

Book Excerpt Editors on editing: what writers need to know about what editors do‎ - by Gerald Gross


Guiding Principles for Journalists - by Bob Steele

Getting to The Source: Preventing Plagiarism - by Chip Scanlan

Ask These 10 Questions to Make Good Ethical Decisions - by Bob Steele

10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained - by Brad Templeton


What Is Magazine Journalism? - by Nichola Meyer UK Writers College Principal

Let Them Rest! Overworked Phrases and Story Elements - by Jenna Glatzer

How To Create Flow In Your Writing - by Nichola Meyer UK Writers College Principal

Write Lean and Mean - by Nancy Kress

Unmuddling Middles - by Don Fry

Tight Lines, Writers! -  by Jenna Glatzer

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - by Jenna Glatzer

Book Excerpt  Breaking into journalism: your guide to a career in journalism in Australia ... by Mark Pearson, Jane Johnston

Book Excerpt  Write to Publish: Writing feature articles for magazines, newspapers, and ... - by Vin Maskell, Gina Perry ‎


What Is A Short Story? - by Ginny Swart  UK Writers College Tutor

30 Hot Markets - by Maria Witte

Developing Your Character's Character - by Ginny Swart  UK Writers College Tutor

Can You Make A Living Writing Short Stories? -  By Ginny Swart  UK Writers College Tutor


The Four Basics Of Getting Freelance Work - by Karin Schimke  UK Writers College Tutor

Ten Ways To Make Even More Money From Writing - by

Building a Platform - by Jenna Glatzer

Above and Beyond - by Jenna Glatzer

A Writer's Time: Making the Most of Yours - by Chip Scanlan

How To Find Foreign Writing Markets - By Gary McLaren

10 Tips For Aspiring Freelance Copywriters - by Glenn Murray

Are You Achieving your Writing Goals? - by Mridu Khullar

Increase Your Writing Income - by Lee Masterson

Freelancing's For Lazy People - by Karin Schimke UK Writers College Tutor

Don't Cheat Yourself - by Sandra Block

Got The Contract! Now What? - by Jenna Glatzer

If The Price Is Right - by Jenna Glatzer


Book Excerpt  The complete idiot's guide to getting published‎ - by Sheree Bykofsky, Jennifer Basye Sander



What Is Travel Writing? - by Don Pinnock, Associate Editor of 'Getaway'

Travel Writing Tips - by Jennifer Stewart


Book Excerpt  Travel writing: the self and the world‎ - by Casey Blanton

Book Excerpt  Imperial eyes: travel writing and transculturation‎ - by Mary Louise Pratt


Selling Your Memoir - Denis Ledoux

Developing Your Character's Character - By Ginny Swart UK Writers College Tutor

Becoming Intimate With Your Own Creative Impulses - by Brad Crawford

Where do writers get their inspiration? - By Ginny Swart UK Writers College Tutor

Book Excerpt  Writing down the bones: freeing the writer within‎ - by Natalie Goldberg

Book Excerpt  The complete idiot's guide to creative writing‎ - by Laurie Rozakis


Learn How To Write A Screenplay That Actually Gets Made! - by Richard Patton

The Heart And Soul Of Screenwriting: Dialogue And Description - by Gordy Hoffman



The Seven Secrets: From Novice to Novelist - by Steve Manning

The Fictional Dream - by Dr Vicki Hinze

What Gets A Book To The Top Of The Bestseller List? - by Dee Power

How to Write a Book in Five Easy Steps - by Stephen L. Nelson, CPA

Book Excerpt  How to write and sell your first novel‎ - by Oscar Collier, Frances Spatz Leighton



The Untold Secrets of Writing Best-Selling Books For Children - by Caterina Christakos

Writing Children's Books: Take Chances And Get Published - by Laura Backes

Children's Book Questions - Answers by Laura


Book Excerpt  Writing a children's book: how to write for children and get published‎ - by Pamela Cleaver

Book Excerpt  You Can Write Children's Books‎ - by Tracey E. Dils


Writing For The Web Is A Matter Of Survival - by Karen Lotter  UK Writers College Tutor

Writing For The Web - by Jeff Hendrickson

Battling Internet ADD: Ten Tips For Writing For The Web - by David Beveridge

Book Excerpt  Web copy that sells: the revolutionary formula for creating killer copy - by Maria Veloso

Book Excerpt Writing for multimedia and the Web: a practical guide to content development ...‎ - by Timothy Paul Garrand


Writing a Memoir: Should You Do It? - by Lisa Silverman

Write Your Non-Fiction Book: No More Excuses - by Debra K. Traverso

Book Excerpt  How to write a book proposal‎ - by Michael Larsen



Book Excerpt  Strategic copywriting: how to create effective advertising‎ - by Edd Applegate

Book Excerpt  The Adweek copywriting handbook: the ultimate guide to writing powerful ...‎ - by Joseph Sugarman

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