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Write a Non-Fiction Book

If you are destined to become the next Amazon best-selling author, we'll help you get there.

This 10-module online writing course will help you write your non-fiction book. Whether you want to write travel stories, histories, biographies, how-to or self-help, educational and text books, this course ensures that you make a solid start on your manuscript, with line-by-line feedback from an expert in the field.

The course also guides you to choose the best publisher for your book, whether it be a traditional publisher, self-publishing and/or publishing in e-book format.

The prescribed textbook set for this course is Writing Your Nonfiction Book: The Complete Guide to Becoming an Author, by Trish Nicholson. The book is available on Amazon in Kindle format, or via a downloadable Kindle reader for your computer. This is an additional cost to the course fee (less than US $10.00).
Writing your non-fiction book


Course Details:


Students must complete:


Admission Requirements:

  • Cost: £ 895.00
  • Modules: 10 Modules
  • Duration: Course can be completed at your own pace between 12 and 24 months
  • Start date: At any time; applications all year round
  • 20 writing assignments (including writing a chapter outline, book synopsis, book timeline, editing skills, cover letter)
  • A start of 10 000 words towards their manuscript; the optional Advanced Course will take students up to 60 000 words.
  • Excellent writing skills are essential
  • We will require a rough synopsis of your proposed book and an example of your writing.
  • Computer skills, e-mail and Internet access required
  • No previous tertiary qualification required


Tutors for this course:

Rosemary Hepozden
As an editor, she has worked for book publishers Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Crabtree Publishing and Hodder Moa Beckett. She also has 14 years’ experience as an editor, sub-editor, proofreader and staff writer for a range of magazines.
Rosemary is also the author of four nonfiction books. Read more here.
Arja Salafranca
Arja Salafranca has been a writer and journalist for over 20 years. She was the lifestyle and arts editor for The Sunday Independent from 2003 to 2016. In her role as editor she contributed travel articles, theatre, book and film reviews as well as profile interviews. She also encouraged the submission of a wide genre of work, from traditional journalism to ground-breaking personal and travel essays. A number of writers won awards for their non-fiction under her editorship. A keen supporter of creative non-fiction, she has encouraged writers to incorporate some of these techniques into their writing.

Read more about Arja here>



Course Curriculum

Module 1 - Pin Your Idea

  • Thinking around genres
  • Finding your spot in the market
  • Writing assignments

Module 2 - Plan Your Book

  • Determining your theme  
  • Create your chapter outline  
  • Structuring different genres (how to write travel stories, histories and biographies, memoir and autobiography, how-to and self-help, educational and text books)
  • Writing assignments

Module 3 - Get Started

  • Your computer and basic settings  
  • Writing assignments

Module 4 - Gather Your Information

  • Types of data  
  • Sources of information  
  • Interviewing skills  
  • Plagiarism and libel
  • Writing assignments

Module 5 - Write Your First Draft

  • Creative writing for nonfiction  
  • Good grammar habits  
  • Writing tips for different genres
  • Writing assignments

Module 6- Maintain Momentum

  • What to do if you feel stuck  
  • Start building your author platform
  • Writing assignments

Module 7- Edit Your Draft

  • Revising for structure  
  • Revising for language and clarity  
  • Feedback and external editing
  • Writing assignments

Module 8 - Decide on the Best Publishing Option for You

  • A brief overview of the book industry  
  • Buying a full publishing package  
  • Submitting to traditional publishers  
  • Self-publishing your book
  • Privately printing and distributing your book
  • Writing assignments

Module 9 - Market Your Book

  • Understand what marketing is  
  • Participating in social media  
  • Promoting through blogging  
  • Writing press releases  
  • Requesting book reviews
  • Writing assignments

Module 10 - Tying up Loose Ends

  • Final polishing
  • Planning the way forward.
  • Writing assignments




How does the course work?

Ten modules will be sent to the student over the duration of the course. The modules contain the set reading from the prescribed textbook, as well as the writing assignments for that module. At the end of each module, students will be required to submit assignments to their tutor for feedback. An assessment and feedback will be sent to the student, and the module will be considered complete.  

Our Write a Non-fiction Book Course assumes that you are already proficient at writing content. This course is designed to help you put together a non-fiction book, not to teach basic writing skills (please look at our ‘Freelance Journalism for Magazines and Webzines Course’ for non-fiction writing skills).

On this course, your tutor will help you fuse your ideas and research into a coherent manuscript, and assist you with the feasibility of your project, the style and tone of your writing, and a support structure to help you make a solid start on your word count.


Conditions of Certification:

Students will receive a UK Writers College Certificate upon successful completion of the course, provided they meet the following conditions:

  • Students must have completed the set writing tasks.
  • The course must have been completed within 24 months of registration.
  • Students are expected to attain a minimum average of 50% for the course.

Minimum Estimated Time Commitment:

This is hard to predict, as some people are simply faster writers than others. However, for each 1000 words of your book, you could calculate on spending about an hour researching, an hour writing and at least the same amount of time in revising. The exercises should each take around two hours to complete. And finally, you should expect to spend some time at the end of the course, giving your manuscript a final polish. This gives a rough estimate of 70 hours over the course of 10 modules, or around about 6 to 7 hours a month for 12 months.

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  • If you want to pay off your course fee, please read the information here.
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