Advanced Creative Writing Course

£ 495.00

Creative Writing

Creative Writing

A fast, effective way to gain the skills required to write any form of fiction – from novels to short stories

A rigorous course for both beginners and seasoned writers

Now that you’ve completed the Basics of Creative Writing Course, it’s time to learn more sophisticated techniques for even better storytelling.

This course teaches you how to:

  • use dialogue, action and description to create strong characters
  • drive your story forward and keep your reader hooked
  • build mood, atmosphere and tension
  • write impactful scenes


If you’d like to get more practice writing scenes before you tackle a short story or novel, this is the course for you.

This Course Gives You...

No Automated Marking

We use traditional methods of assessing work, as editors at publishing houses would. No generic feedback!

A Flexible Schedule

Work wherever and whenever you want. You can easily fit our courses around work and other commitments.

Relevant, Usable Content

Easy-to-digest course notes that capture a lifetime of writing experience, ready for you to apply to your own writing.

Ongoing Assessment

Your writing is assessed continuously as your course progresses.

Expert, Individual Feedback

Get prompt, honest, detailed feedback on every assignment from an award-winning writer. We focus on your unique writing strengths.

No Peer Reviews!

You will only be assessed by your tutor, a leader in their field. No more guessing and wondering how to write; you'll be guided line by line.

Learn More About
Creative Writing Techniques

Fine-tune your fiction writing project

Our Advanced Creative Writing Course takes the tools you acquired in the Basics of Creative Writing Course and teaches you how to use them in more sophisticated ways to achieve mature, polished writing.

The course consists of five modules and takes between three and six months to complete. 

**Please note that this course is only open to graduates of our Basics of Creative Writing Course who attained a minimum average of 75%. 

Learn More About Creative Writing Techniques

Fine-tune your
fiction writing project

Our Advanced Creative Writing Course takes the tools you acquired in the Basics of Creative Writing Course and teaches you how to use them in more sophisticated ways to achieve mature, polished writing.

The course consists of five modules and takes between three and six months to complete. 

**Please note that this course is only open to graduates of our Basics of Creative Writing Course who attained a minimum average of 75%. 

‘My experience on the course was excellent. My writing confidence has increased and, more importantly, my writing skills have improved. My experience with The Writers College has been 100% positive.’

Deborah Forbes, Advanced Creative Writing Course

Course Overview


£ 495

Price includes VAT



The assignments vary in length.



These modules include around 200 pages of course notes.



Work at your own pace – up to a maximum of six months.


Working with an individual tutor means you can start the course at any time.


  • Must have successfully completed the Basics of Creative Writing Course
  • Computer skills, e-mail and Internet access required.
  • No previous tertiary qualification required.

Our Graduate Students' Successes

We are proud of our graduates who have achieved success. Here are a few among dozens of our creative writing success stories.

Tutors for this Course

Helen Brain

I’ve been writing for 25 years, and teaching creative writing for 11. I’ve seen over a thousand students graduate from my courses, and have an exceptionally high completion rate.

I’m very interested in the craft of writing and believe that this is something that can be learned and practised so that the story that appears on the page correlates more closely with the story in your head.    

I love teaching one-on-one, and supporting my students as they stretch themselves creatively and technically.


  • Over 60 books published for children, young adults, 1997 – 2019
  • Here be Lions, a memoir, published 2006
  • Fiery Spiral trilogy acquired by US publisher Catalyst Press 2018
  • Ibby South Africa Honours list multiple years
  • ATKV Award for her teen novel Tamara
  • Three of her books have been selected for the SACBF (South African Children’s Book Forum) Honours List

Course Curriculum

Module 1

Writing Dialogue
  • Introduction
  • What is dialogue?
  • Writing good dialogue
  • Five writing assignments


Module 2

How Dialogue Is Used in Fiction
  • Bringing characters to life through dialogue
  • Revealing important information about characters through dialogue
  • Using dialogue to move the plot forward
  • Using dialogue to build suspense
  • Four writing assignments


Module 3

Creating Strong Characters Using Dialogue
  • Building character through dialogue
  • Building character through action
  • Building character through description
  • Introducing your character immediately
  • Demonstrating character through the eyes of other characters
  • Using metaphor to reveal a character’s life path and worldview
  • Interactions with other characters; power relations (who is dominant/submissive?)
  • Seven writing assignments


Module 4

Developing Backstories for Characters
  • Backstories
  • Exploring your own emotions
  • Six writing assignments


Module 5

Creating Atmosphere
  • Some rules about setting
  • Ways to use setting
  • Four writing assignments


What Our Students Say

Suze KolaczynskiAdvanced Creative Writing Course
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I walked away from the course with a deeper respect for all writers out there, as well as some self-confidence in my own abilities. I’ve learnt just how much work goes into producing a scene that people will enjoy reading. Helen is not only a gifted writer but an exceptional teacher. She has the ability to help you create writing pieces with heart and soul. She’ll tell you if she thinks you’re heading off in the wrong direction and encourage you to produce something more authentic that readers can connect with. If you’ve ever been curious about what goes into making a great story, I strongly recommend taking up a course with The Writers College. You won’t be disappointed.
Brady HeslopAdvanced Creative Writing Course
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This course was way more challenging than the Basics of Creative Writing Course. I feel as though I’ve grown in different areas of my writing. My tutor Helen was down to earth and honest, which made me comfortable with the way I put my words together. Completing courses with The Writers College is truly convenient and worth every cent.
Jared AisherAdvanced Creative Writing Course
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I had no hesitation starting the Advanced Creative Writing Course after I had finished the Basics Course, and I’m so glad I did. Helen is an incredible teacher! She always gives constructive, intelligent feedback in a very encouraging way, and I could tell she put a lot of time and effort into marking my work. Helen’s expert guidance in this course is invaluable for anybody wanting to further their writing abilities. I have much more confidence in my own writing, editing and storytelling, all thanks to this course. I would recommend this course along with the Basics of Creative Writing Course to anyone wanting to start a writing career or just polish their skills. It was immensely fun and very rewarding.
Maria PapasAdvanced Creative Writing Course
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This course was so enjoyable. I learned so much about what goes into making a great scene. Every module was laid out in such a way that made it easy to understand, without any complications at all. Helen was a wonderful tutor and mentor – her advice was invaluable! She was very encouraging in her feedback and was always there to help me whenever I had any questions. She helped build my confidence and taught me exactly how a good scene should be written. Thank you, Helen! All three modules covered just about everything necessary to improve my writing skills. I am so grateful to have signed up with The Writers College. These past six months have felt like a thrilling journey. Thank you so much. I loved it!
Michelle PeartAdvanced Creative Writing Course
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I have learned so much on this course, not just about the tools of writing but about what kind of writer I am and where I want to go with my words. Helen’s guidance on this course, and on the Basics of Creative Writing Course, has been invaluable in my journey to becoming a writer. I’m going to miss the structure and the hand-holding she afforded. The Writers College and the two courses I have attended have given me the confidence to run with my writing. Thank you so much.
Savannah LahtinenAdvanced Creative Writing Course
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Helen was a wonderful a tutor. She encouraged and inspired me to push through the limits I thought I had. My confidence as a writer and passion for writing have grown thanks to her support. I know many of her comments will remain with me and enrich my future writing.

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We've Got Answers

The course consists of five modules. For each module, you will email an assignment with a specific word count to your tutor for assessment. Once you have received feedback, the module will be considered complete.

Absolutely. You have direct communication with your tutor for the duration of the course. The more questions you ask, the more you will get out of the course.

You will get lifetime access to the course. You will also benefit from future updates and improvements to the course.

For the majority of our courses, only your tutor will see your work. It will remain completely private unless you get it published. The journalism courses might see your work published in the public domain, but you do have the final say as to whether or not this happens.

You will receive a Writers College Certificate upon successful completion of the course, provided you meet the following conditions:

  • You must have completed all writing tasks.
  • A minimum average of 50% must be achieved.
  • The course must be completed within six months of registration.
  • Students must be graduates of the Basics of Creative Writing Course.
  • Students must have achieved at least 75% on the foundation course.
  • Applicants who haven’t previously studied with The Writers College, but who can provide evidence of prior learning, or publication, will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Because you will work with an individual tutor, you can start your course as soon as your application has been approved. There are no specific start dates as would be the case with a traditional college.

An application is usually approved within one working day. Once we receive proof of payment, your can start your course.

You could be starting your course today!

Everyone writes at a different pace. After studying the modules, the exercises should take between two and four hours to complete.

Once your application has been approved, you will receive notification of approval and an invoice via email. As soon as we receive proof of payment, the first module as well as your tutor’s email address and your login details will be sent to you. Your tutor will also be in touch to welcome you.

Any work created on our courses is owned by you. We will never make a claim to anything you produce. We follow the rule that copyright subsists with the creator (you).

‘This course was demanding; it challenged me and stretched my writing. Helen was a patient, encouraging tutor; she inspired me to keep going.’

Anna Gifford, Advanced Creative Writing Course

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Our Refund Policy

If within seven days of starting your course you are not happy on your course, we can either transfer you to a different course or provide a full refund.

If you request a refund after seven days and before 30 days we will charge a 5% administrative fee, as well as any bank fees and tutor fees already incurred.

We do not offer a refund after 30 days on the course.