Our online business writing and grammar courses teach you to write flawless documents for the workplace, from emails to business reports.

Suitable for any writer – from CEOs to administrative staff – our writing courses teach the rules of correct grammar, punctuation, style and format.

Our training fits around your schedule. You can complete your writing assignments at your own pace.

Personalised feedback and support from our expert tutors bring about lasting improvements to your writing.

Impress your colleagues with your linguistic flair by mastering the techniques of great writing.

Grammar for Writers (English 1st Language)

Comprehensive, challenging and practical, this course aims to untangle the rules of grammar so that you can identify and eliminate writing errors you may have been making for years.

Grammar Skills (English 2nd Language)

Brush up your grammar skills in this rigorous training course. Perfect for students, entry-level employees and anyone who has English as a second language.

Business Writing Toolkit

Learn the most important business writing skills you need. This seven-module course will make a difference to your written communication skills and boost your writing confidence.

The Better Writing Skills Course

On the Better Writing Skills Course, our team will assess your writing and create a personalised six-module course to fix your unique grammar niggles, style issues and punctuation errors.

Writing Coach Course

This course is designed to help you gain confidence in your writing skills. You will learn how to write for different audiences and produce impactful, well-organised material in various styles and formats.

Mastering Punctuation

This course provides definitive instruction in the use of commas, quotation marks, colons and other important punctuation required for crafting good writing.

Report Writing and Presentation

This course is essential for technical specialists or managers whose career growth depends on being effective and persuasive as a business report writer.

Write Better Newsletters

Learn to write enjoyable, informative news articles for the workplace. Let us help you come up with great topics, do effective research and produce well-written articles ready for submission.

Why Study Business Writing?

We have trained staff members at well over 150 small, medium and large companies and government departments worldwide. As businesses increasingly move online, business communication relies more and more on the written word. From business reports to emails, writing errors can be costly. We train writers to write in a professional and impeccable way - relaying a clear, consistent message.

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