Meet the Tutors

We are extremely proud of our tutoring team. Collectively they have won over 60 international writing awards.

Our writing tutors are passionate about writing and, at the same time, are warm, supportive teachers with years of understanding and experience in assessing writing. Meet the tutors below.


Award-winning author Andrew Salomon tutors the Novel Writing Course.

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Alex Smith Novel Tutor

Award-winning author Alex Smith tutors the Write a Novel Course

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Lisa Lazarus Memoir and Magazine Journalism

Lisa Lazarus tutors the Memoir Writing Course

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Karen Jeynes Scriptwriting tutor

Award-winning scriptwriter Karen Jeynes tutors our Scriptwriting Courses

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Award-winning poet Fiona Zerbst tutors the Introduction to Poetry Course

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Susan Williams

Susan Williams tutors the Business Writing  Courses

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Mandy Speechly tutors the Copywriting Course

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Helen Brain Creative Writing Tutor

Award-winning children's book author Helen Brain tutors several of our Creative Writing Courses

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Ginny Swart Short Story Tutor

Award-winning author Ginny Swart tutors the Short Story Writing Course

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Award-winning travel writer Donna Dailey tutors the Travel Writing Course and the Freelance Journalism for Magazines and Webzines Course


Fiona Walsh tutors the Writing for Press Release Course

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Award-winning artist Sally Mazak tutors the Break Through Your Writing Barriers Course

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Rosemary Hepozden tutors the Grammar for Writers Course and the Write a Non-Fiction Book

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Tiffany-Markman- tutor for the Writing for Social Media course at UK Writers College

Tiffany Markman tutors the
Writing for Social Media Course

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Lorraine Forrest-Turner tutors the Writing articles for websites and Blogs course

Lorraine Forrest-Turner tutors the Writing SEO Copy for Websites Course

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Di Smith tutors the Copy-Editing and Proofreading Course

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Marian Michaux tutors the Grammar Skills Course.

Paul Dunn

Paul Dunn tutors the Writing for Video Games course

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Award-winning author Fiona Ingram tutors the Novel Writing Course

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Russel-Brownlee | Tutor for the Self-publish Your Book course at UK Writers College

Russel Brownlee tutors the Self-publish Your Book Course

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sonny whitelaw

Award-winning author Sonny Whitelaw tutors the Novel Writing Course
Nadine von Moltke-Todd tutors the Business Writing Toolkit

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Dianne Tipping-Woods

Dianne Tipping-Woods tutors the Writing Articles for Websites and Blogs Course

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