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Basics of Creative Writing


Learn the tools required to write any form of fiction: from novels to short stories.

Every art form, from cooking to painting to furniture making, has basic skills that the beginner has to master before he or she can move on to creating competent and original work.

This online course teaches the basic skills of creative writing: dialogue, action and description. Learn how to balance these elements in your writing, how to introduce mood and tension, and how to write scenes that read professionally.

Work with a professional writer via email correspondence and master the tools required to write any form of fiction: from novels and memoirs to short stories.




“The course can be described as enriching, challenging, inspiring, life changing and addictive.”

Andie Tane, Basics of Creative Writing Course




Course Details:


Students must complete:


Admission Requirements:

  • Cost: £ 395.00  
  • Modules: 5 Modules over 200 pages
  • Duration: Course can be completed at own pace within four months
  • Start date: At any time; applications all year round
  • Basic writing skills are essential
  • Computer skills, e-mail and Internet access required
  • No previous tertiary qualification required

Tutor for this course:

Helen-Brain _ Creative Writing tutor at UK Writers CollegeHelen Brain is the author of over 50 books for children, and has contributed stories and plays to numerous school anthologies. Her teen novel, Tamara won an ATKV award. She has also published short stories for adults, and her highly acclaimed memoir, Here Be Lions was published by Oshun Publishers in 2006. Read more about Helen Brain and her work.

Helen also tutors the Advanced Creative Writing course and the Write a Book for Children course.


Course Curriculum


Module 1 - The Components of Fiction

  • The difference between formal or business writing and story telling.
  • Learning the components: description, action and dialogue.
  • Tasks: Complete and submit 20 short exercises practising these elements.

Module 2 - Learning How to Write Scenes

  • Putting it all together - learn how to write balanced scenes using description, action and dialogue to determine the pace.
  • Learning from the experts - analysing scenes from the world's best fiction writers.
  • Writing apprentice pieces.
  • How to build up a scene step by step
  • Tasks: Analyse several scenes from established writers for description, action, dialogue, mood and pace. Write apprentice pieces in the style of the listed writers. Write three versions of two short scenes

Module 3 - Writing Your Own Scenes

  • Creating backstories
  • How to write a synopsis for a scene
  • Writing your own scene
  • Tasks: Plan your own scene. Submit a synopsis, back stories, setting and scene plans. Write your 1200-word scene.

Module 4 - The Writing Life

  • Where to next for your writing?
  • A few necessities to write
  • Making a commitment to write
  • How to improve your drafts
  • Task: Learn to edit and rewrite your scene. Submit the second draft of your scene

Module 5 - Opportunities for Writers

  • Over 80 pages of local and international writing opportunities
  • Task: Submit the third and final draft of your scene


“I could not have found a better college. The course was wonderful in every respect.”

Gill Palliser, Basics of Creative Writing Course



How does the course work?

The course consists of three modules. Detailed class notes covering the content of each module are e-mailed to students.

At the end of each section, students will be required to complete writing exercises. In total, the course includes forty short writing assignments, all of which count towards the final result of the student.

Once the writing assignment has been completed, and e-mailed to the lecturer, an assessment and feedback will be sent to the student, and the module will be considered complete. The next module will then be e-mailed to the student.


Conditions of Certification:

Students will receive a UK Writers College Certificate upon successful completion of the course, provided they meet the following conditions:

  • Students must have completed all 40 writing assignments
  • The course must have been completed within four months of registration.
  • Students are expected to attain a minimum average of 50% for the course

Minimum Estimated Time Commitment:

There is no research required for this course, just planning and writing. The speed at which you work is entirely up to you.

After studying the modules, the exercises should take between two and four hours to complete.

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Read what past-students say about this course

“The course was extremely helpful and I learned a lot. Reading now takes on a new dimension. Thinking and analysing the material within the course will definitely benefit my writing. Helen is very knowledgeable and was a great teacher. She provided an even and guiding hand along the path, which I appreciated. I would recommend the course to any person wanting to understand the Basics of Creative Writing. The course material and the tutors are fantastic and I look forward to furthering my writing in the future.” Ralph Giraudeaux, Basics of Creative Writing

“The course material was informative and relevant. Helen was a great tutor. Her instructions were clear and her comments helpful. I feel confident that I have strengthened my Creative Writing skills. This is actually my second course through The Writers’ College. I completed (with distinction) the Travel Writing Course under the guidance of Don Pinnock. The  Writers’ College is an excellent resource for individuals who have a passion for writing but just need the extra encouragement and knowledge to pursue their dreams.” Carmen Harrison, Basics of Creative Writing

“Overall, the course more than met my expectations. It offered a great overview of creative writing with a diverse range of challenging exercises and good exposure to different writers. This combination was both engaging and fun. Working on the final scene was particularly rewarding, in terms of receiving good developmental input to ensure that the final draft is of good quality. Working with Helen was brilliant. She is great at giving encouragement and a good critique, so that good opportunity is provided for development. It was a fun, rewarding and challenging experience.” James Mortley, Basics of Creative Writing Course

“It was very interesting and informative – I learned a lot. Helen is a magnificent tutor that masterfully responds with the right critique that automatically inspires you to improve despite any shortcomings you might have. I’m very satisfied  with what I got out of the course. It is a well-rounded course that touches on all the necessary aspects of writing for beginners without being too overwhelming. It was a wonderful journey of discovery that changed me. I can’t go back to who I was before – the writing world beckons. Thanks to The Writers’ College I can now move forward with certainty to achieve my goals with practice, sound knowledge and the right guidance from the courses provided here. Thank you for making these courses available and opening new doors.” Camilla Milford, Basics of Creative Writing Course
“My tutor was wonderful and I learned a great deal from the feedback she gave me. In my opinion, this was the true value of the course because the feedback I received was insightful and I was able to apply it to successive stages of the course. My experience was wonderful, especially thanks to my tutor, and well worth the cost of the course.” David Jansen, Basics of Creative Writing


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