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Welcome to the Copywriting Course at UK Writers College

Our 8-module Copywriting Course provides an introduction to the thinking and writing skills required by the copywriter. It shares techniques for developing relevant advertising concepts.

Students also learn how to write advertisements and promotional material for print media, radio, websites, banner ads and non-traditional media.

Each student receives individual feedback on their copywriting in 8 written assignments.
The course covers:


  • The role of conceptual thinking in effective advertising communication
  • Techniques for generating relevant advertising ideas
  • The writing skills needed to become an effective communicator
  • The strategy and objective behind the writing
  • How to write in a way that meaningfully connects with customers
  • How to write advertising communication that boosts sales or business opportunities
  • The skills needed to write for different media channels
  • How to write for print media, radio, websites, banner ads and non-traditional media.


“The quality of the course I took was beyond what I ever expected and it was extremely worthwhile.”

Michael Rowlinson, Copywriting Course



The Copywriting Course is for people who want to:

  • Find out more about the job of a copywriter
  • Understand the conceptual processes involved in advertising communication
  • Develop writing techniques that are relevant to the role of the copywriter
  • Extend existing creative or corporate writing skills to commercially focused writing
  • Develop a more in-depth understanding of writing for different media channels
  • Complement design skills with practical writing techniques



Course Details:


Students must complete:


Admission Requirements:

  • Cost: £ 695.00
  • Modules: 8 Modules
  • 6 Modules required
  • 2 out of 4 elective modules can be chosen
  • Duration: Course can be completed at own pace within 12 months
  • 8 writing assignments of varying difficulty and length for each module
  • Email feedback will be provided for each assignment.
  • Feedback from Students
  • Basic writing skills are essential
  • Computer skills, e-mail and Internet access required
  • No previous tertiary qualification required


Tutor for this course:

Mandy Speechly Tutor Copywriting Mandy Speechly has been working as a copywriter in the advertising industry for over fifteen years. She has worked full-time and as a freelancer for leading international advertising agencies on a range of different media including television, print, radio, brochures, promotions and websites. Mandy is the Head of Copywriting at the AAA School of Advertising.  Read more about Mandy Speechly.


Course Curriculum

Module 1 - Introduction to copywriting and a brief history

  • What is copywriting?
  • The role of the copywriter in the advertising and communication industries
  • Project 1: Analyse a piece of existing advertising as an introduction to conceptual thinking.

Module 2 - Before the writing begins

  • The strategy behind your brand and target market
  • Understanding different media applications
  • Project 2: Write a creative brief which applies the logical thinking behind the creative writing.

Module 3 - The importance of Big Ideas and how to get them

  • What is a Big Idea - and why does all good advertising need one?
  • Understanding the conceptual process and techniques for developing ideas
  • Project 3: Develop different single-minded propositions and related advertising ideas.

Module 4 - Print Advertising - Writing effective headlines

  • The principles of print advertising and conceptual communication
  • Tips on writing headlines and understanding visuals
  • Project 4: Create a print ad with a focus on the role of the headline in the communication.

Module 5 - Print Advertising - Writing body copy

  • The structure and hierarchy of effective body copy
  • The voice and tone of good copy
  • Project 5: Create a print advert that requires long body copy.

Student will choose TWO of the following elective modules

Module 6 - Elective A - Writing Advertising for Radio

  • Understanding how to write for an audio medium
  • Tips on developing ideas for radio commercials
  • Techniques on writing radio scripts
  • Project: Develop concepts and write scripts for a radio campaign

Module 7 - Elective B - Alternative Media and Ambient Advertising

  • The role of alternative and ambient media in advertising communication
  • Tips on developing and writing for non-traditional or “guerrilla” advertising ideas
  • Project: Create an advertising idea using non-traditional media.

Module 8 - Elective C - Writing Copy for Websites

  • Understanding the way people read websites
  • Writing, structuring and formatting content for websites
  • How to write an effective home and “about us” pages
  • Project: Develop the content and basic navigation for a website

Module 9 - Elective D - Online Banner Display Advertising

  • The role of paid online advertising in the communication plan
  • The characteristics of online display banner advertising
  • Creative tips on how to create and write effective web banners
  • Project: Create content and concept for an online display banner.

The final module is required to complete the course

Module 10 - Integrated Advertising

  • The principles of an integrated advertising campaign
  • Techniques for transferring an idea to different media
  • Understanding the role of each media channel in the campaign communication
  • Project 10: Create an advertising campaign that develops one idea across different media channels.

Please note: Students are welcome to complete additional elective modules on top of the two they must complete to finish the course. Additional modules will be charged for. This is only available for past students and students currently on the course. Please contact admin for more information.



“I thoroughly enjoyed the course, I was privileged to have an amazing tutor and the content was relevant and informative. Mandy is extremely experienced in her field, she gave in-depth explanations on all assignments and she gave me invaluable information for my writing career. The Writers College exceeded my expectations of what is promised on the website with their professionalism, highly relevant course material and outstanding service.”

AlisonLivanos, Copywriting Course




How does the course work?


Detailed class notes covering the content of each module are e-mailed to students. At the end of each module, students will be required to complete an assignment.

Once the writing assignment has been completed and e-mailed to the tutor, an assessment and feedback will be sent to the student, and the module will be considered complete. The next module will then be e-mailed to the student.


Conditions of Certification:

Students will receive an UK Writers College Certificate upon successful completion of the course, provided they meet the following conditions:

  • Students must have completed  8 assignments (7 individual media projects and one mini-campaign involving a minimum of three different media)
  • The course must have been completed within ten months of registration.
  • Students are expected to attain a minimum average of 50% for the course

Minimum Estimated Time Commitment:

  • Reading time: 10 hours
  • Writing time: 20 hours
  • Researching time: 1 hour per project, depending on the topic involved.

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Feedback on this course from past students


“Being given a clear concise list of tasks to complete made completing the assignments very manageable. I received extremely well written feedback. It provided me with an excellent insight into how to positively facilitate distance learning.” Paul Lewis, Copywriting Course

“My experience on the course was very enjoyable; it  was a great learning experience. Mandy was very approachable and efficient as my tutor. I learned a lot from her vast and up-to-date knowledge on the subject. I have achieved the goal I set out to achieve and  I will be back to do more courses.” Copley Sutton, Copywriting Course

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course! I found the briefs and course notes clear and exciting. Mandy was great. After every brief there was always a motivation for me to push the idea further. Her suggestions were always enlightening. I enjoyed working with her. Overall I would describe the course as efficient, inspiring and thorough.” Kelly Tomes, Copywriting Course

“It was a wonderful experience. I learned a lot and everything was very well structured. Mandy was a wonderful tutor and she had a lot of patience with me if I didn’t understand a module. I could email her at any time and she would get back to me right away. I would take the course again if I had the opportunity.” Krysten Vlok, Copywriting

“The course was very interesting. It definitely made me a better designer by reintroducing a multitude of things I haven’t touched on in a while. I found the whole concept-centred approach awesome. My tutor Mandy was really clear in her feedback and I found the experience inspiring; a definite plus in broadening my creative horizons.” Laurissa van der Walt, Copywriting

“I have learned a lot from this course and will never look at advertising the same way again, and that is a good thing. Mandy was really great! This was my third course through the Writers’ College and I loved it! Can't say it any better than that. I hope to do more courses!” Natashja Singleton, Copywriting Course
“The course was everything I hoped it would be. I truly appreciated the material and progression of new ideas and skills. Mandy Speechly's feedback was invaluable. She has a really great way of helping you understand where you've veered off topic and what you need to be aware of. Some advice: don't be afraid to be creative! The skill you learn with the Writers' College is something you can definitely put to use.” Noah Landsberg, Copywriting Course

“I really enjoyed this course. I felt like each module taught me valuable skills. There was no space wasted on filler content, so it really felt like a worthwhile course. I enjoyed working with Mandy, I felt that I could ask any questions, even if I felt they might be silly, and that she would take them seriously. She helped me to understand each module, and provided useful feedback. She even went the further mile and let me further edit projects that had already been marked, so that I could learn from any mistakes. The Writers' College seems very professional in the way it runs courses, as well as in the quality of course it provides.” Samantha Dawe, Copywriting Course

“Mandy was always approachable and willing to offer friendly and professional advice. Her feedback on all assignments was clear, constructive and insightful.” Daryl Brown, Copywriting Course

“Overall, the course was a pleasurable and insightful experience. The notes really drew you in; you were never unsure where the module was going or what was needed from you. The worksheets got you thinking and allowed for creative thinking. Mandy was extremely encouraging, she is obviously a talented individual. She had excellent feedback on how to improve and better your ideas. I was very impressed at every level; from admin to notes to my tutor and to the understanding of the course coordinators.” Linda Jooste, The Copywriting Course

“Overall, I enjoyed the course structure and content. I liked that I could work at my own pace. Mandy was very thorough with her feedback, as well as being friendly and helpful. She offered some good advice and encouraged me, her attitude made me feel very motivated and confident with each module. It was a positive and challenging experience that has improved my knowledge and understanding of the industry.” Louise Bartlett, Copywriting Course

“I found [the course] very useful, entertaining, interesting and rewarding. Overall a very good introductory course and knowing that the lecturer would deal with submissions, comments and general feedback promptly and personally was a great help and encouragement. Mandy was encouraging but professional, very clear in her explanations, and great to deal with. I enjoyed the feeling that she was a professional in her field and didn’t pull punches regarding good and poorer work. Enjoyed the personal touch, and she conveys a true passion for her art.” Kevin Willemse, Copywriting Course

“I felt like I was learning from someone who is genuinely passionate about her subject. I have learned so much and am inspired to pursue it further.” Candice Nel, Copywriting Course

"The quality of the course I took was beyond what I ever expected and it was extremely worthwhile. I enjoyed working with Mandy and it was a brilliant course. The evaluations were excellent and always fair and justified. I appreciate the seriousness with which the course was handled and it made the process feel professional and worthwhile. The course was evaluated in a very rigorous and professional way, which I found quite intimidating at first, as I did not expect such an in-depth assessment per module. I loved this aspect but it should be noted up front that the course is demanding and not something to breeze through and expect good results; because I think many people would expect to ‘just get by’ – however, people who are serious about writing must be told this is a serious writing course. As those who are just looking to add something to their CV will get quite a shock once the course gets rolling. I really felt I got back what I put in and that is what made this a very worthwhile course." Michael Rowlinson, Copywriting

"Thank you for the copywriting course. It was an excellent course. Getting work so quickly in the industry has been outstanding. I found Mandy to be an excellent lecturer. I especially valued her feedback and comments on my assignments" Greg Tosi, Copywriting Course


More Testimonials Here




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