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Learn all about the digital marketplace that can help you kick start your business as a freelancer.


Digital is the future, but some digital platforms are outdated. It’s time you forget about the old ways of doing things and keep up with the new. Up as in Upwork!

Upwork is an American freelancing platform that can boost your brand new (or current) career as a freelance writer.

Upwork reported that 59 million Americans performed freelance work in 2021, representing 36% of the entire U.S workforce.

These freelancers contributed $1.3 trillion in annual earnings to the U.S economy.

How does Upwork work?

Writers, copy-editors, proofreaders, journalists, web content writers and copywriters can apply for jobs that clients have posted. Freelance writers can then interview and work with clients through Upwork.

You should always check the job description, as some clients specify that they only want certain writers to apply, and others would hire any freelancer.

Included in the job description would be the price range the clients are willing to pay the writer.

If your application has been accepted by the client, they hire you as a writer by sending a contract with the pay rate, set hours and the deadline for when they want the work completed.

Most potential clients can also reach you, without you applying for a job, by your profile. Your profile has to make an impression. Here are 9 Tips to Help You Create a Freelancer Profile That Stands Out against millions of writers on Upwork.

How can Upwork help you as a freelance writer?

The platform also allows you to collect feedback and ratings from customers. Reviews will help the next potential client trust that you can deliver high-quality content, putting you as a writer on the map.

With the variety of jobs on Upwork, it is easy to gain experience that can help your freelance writing career in the long run.

Many content writers have found success on Upwork. Phyllis Romero, a freelance writer, wrote, “I made $15,000 last year alone on Upwork while working in a very part-time mode.”

Keep in mind, this platform can be competitive and not every writer may earn as much.

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And when you’re not using Upwork?

Even if you’re not actively using Upwork, you can use the profile section to your advantage and promote yourself as a writer. Upwork ranks well on Google. If you write “Technical Writer in Johannesburg” on your profile, your name can show up on Google’s front page.

Unfortunately, you can’t just rely on Upwork full-time and expect your inbox to blow up with clients. You should still make use of social media and authors’ platforms.

Nobody said the road of being a freelancer was going to be easy. So get your creativity on and hustle!

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